Thank you Denino for a wonderful stay in Mostar. I’m now a true backpacker staying with a wonderful host in Mostar she aloud us to stay at here wonderful apartment in the city. There in nothing like home comforts when travelling. You learn and experience so much more staying with real people, she told me storys about the Democratic brake up of Yugoslavia. How here husband was shot in 1992 and here children become refugees moving to Canada. There a scares all over the city from the bombing and there are landmines circling the city even today. If anyone wants to stay in the beautiful city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina please contact me, I know of a wonderful host. #Dyslexic #Backpacking #Disabled #Lukedeards #lukesworldhop #Amputee #Europe #Travel #crowdfunding #yooocandoanything #backpacker #backpackerlife #bosnia #mostar #bosniaandherzegovina #war #Gofundme


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